Bohemian Weddings

Bohemian weddings are gaining more and more popularity each year. Get the inspiration for your bohemian-themed wedding here! These articles are guideposts to have a perfect woodland style wedding. Tips on choosing a wedding theme, Boho weddings venue ideas; natural, rustic, eco-friendly vintage details, most awesome invitation designs, ideas for cake and flower décor… Take a look and get inspired!

Wedding in the style of boho recently becoming more and more popular. And not without reason bohemian chic combines romance, relaxation and closeness to nature and at the same time […]

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25 Pretty And Cheap Boho Decor For Wedding

If your wedding budget is limited, but you want to create a special atmosphere, pay attention to the bohemian style of the wedding. Stylish boho decorations are made from natural […]

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Bohemian Decor Ideas: Wedding Inspiration You Need Right Now

Keep reading and we will show you individual examples that add up to a gorgeous, cohesive wedding motif. When deciding on your bohemian wedding decor ideas, start with the main […]

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30 Spectacular Pampas Grass Wedding Decor

The look of the pampas grass makes it particularly suited to boho or rustic type weddings, however, it can be used in classic, modern, or even minimalistic weddings too. This […]

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Wild Bride – Forrest Wedding Styled Shoot

I really love the nature and beauty of autumn, so I wanted to make a shooting in the midst of nature. Very close to our wedding location (in upper Austria) there […]

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