Trendiest Wedding Themes For 2022: 75 Ideas + Pro Tips

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Often early on in the wedding planning process a couple will select a date and a venue for their wedding but they also must settle on a theme. Selecting a theme early on in the planning process helps to shape and craft the look and feel of the entire day including color themes, table and decor ideas along with attire and dresses. There are no hard and fast rules so in reality a bride does not have to stick to any one theme. A couple can combine wedding themes or create something new all together that makes the day unique to them.


Read through some great ideas of wedding party themes and how to do decide if they’re perfect for you, or, for quick navigation, you can use our list of wedding theme ideas below.


What Every Bride Needs To Know:

What does a wedding theme mean?

How to pick a wedding theme?

Does my wedding need a theme?

Newest Stylish Themes for 2022


For the couple that wants to be trendsetters and try something different from the rest, new, different, and otherwise, alternative wedding themes might be the right choice. The key is to keep it stylish and chic, so simplicity and elegance would be key. This type of theme could be minimalist and modern, or even slightly vintage.

Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Theme

After the Bridgeton series hit our screens, we fell in love with the extravagant costumes, sets, and elite gossips. But one more gift from the show is the influence it has on romantic wedding decoration. Best believe that it’s the rage now with the potential to inspire 2022 weddings. The perfect venue for this wedding theme is a grand Georgian location that feels like you entered the ton.

Pro Tips:

  • Activate the regency-era with the signature pastel and Prussian blue color palette for table runners and linens. Infuse this color with lush green foliage and florals to soften the wood colors.
  • Use a lot of hydrangeas in buttonholes, floral installations, flower walls, and bouquets, and pair with white for centerpieces.
  • Don’t forget to work with lace and ruffles, quotes, trailing wisteria, and handwritten notes.


The earth, humans, and animals are at risk, and wedding activities may pose danger. To avert it, couples now choose eco-friendly ideas for weddings as you’ll see below.

The sustainable style is becoming popular among environmentally conscious people. They opt for digital invites to eliminate the use of papers and in turn, the felling of trees. To decrease waste to the earth, couples consider recycled or reused décor. And they will go vegan to preserve animals, especially the endangered species depopulated by hunters.

Pro Tips:

  • For sustainable types of weddings, the ideas are numerous. Start by choosing a green venue with built-in decors such as wineries, botanical gardens, and greenhouses with scenic backdrops. You wouldn’t need to add blooms to these lush and verdant locations. Opt for transplantable potted flowers like spray roses, orchids, or plants like herbs and trees for centerpieces. Wed outdoors in a picturesque vineyard, lush forest, or rolling hills, using natural light.

Multi-Sensory Experiences

Capture your guests’ five senses with the colors, sounds, tastes, scents, and textures of your wedding. Begin with the sense of touch by creating a unique experience with your invitations. Decorate them in ecru canvas according to your wedding themes. Incorporate materials like velvet pressed flower paper, metallic foils, or thick parchment. Welcome guests with an assortment of cocktails and varieties of appetizers. Combine original flavors with spicy notes in the meal for an unusual effect.

Pro Tips:

  • For scents, create a custom blend for your big day and spry them in different areas of the venue. Follow up the spray with scented candles and multiple flowers for an unforgettable experience.

Chic Wedding Themes For Fall


Elegantly fashionable is just right for the bride who wants a little something above and beyond the traditional wedding theme. This means staying ahead of (or even setting) trends and taking bold risks. To pull off these modern wedding themes you have to be confident and inspired.


Pumpkin Patch

For late fall wedding themes, think ‘autumn harvest’ with a focus on vibrant, natural colors. Stone, wood, metal, and leafy colors all look amazing against the vivid oranges of pumpkins. Make sure to borrow from the rustic wedding theme for décor items such as barrels, rope lights, and hay bale seats.

Pro Tips:

  • Choose in-season, local flowers
  • Serve hearty, comfort-food meals
  • Never include black in your pallet to avoid looking too Halloween-ey

Farm-Fresh Celebration

Outdoor venues, such as the farm, offer exciting wedding motif ideas for summer. Fresh air sets an excellent event vibe and provides a great environment for live music. This casual atmosphere is an ideal choice for couples that prefer a laid-back attitude and have an appreciation for mother nature.

Pro Tips:

  • Crisp white linens are an easy way to elevate the sophistication of your space
  • Exaggerate your use of lights and candles.
  • Make sure you are prepared for imperfect weather



Couples looking forward to an elaborate and vivacious event are going crazy for the Moroccan theme. This wedding theme is defined by rich, vivid colors, intricate lanterns, flowing fabrics, and riches. If you love the idea but it’s a little bit much for you, minimalist versions of this theme are also very popular right now.

Pro Tips:

  • Do make use of as many Moroccan rugs as possible
    Choose pouf seating vs traditional chairs
    Tassels and tapestries are iconic and must be included
  • Pampas grass is beautiful, symbolic, and should always be in view
  • Choose pouf seating vs traditional chairs
  • Tassels and tapestries are iconic and must be included

Wedding Themes For Summer


Summer is a great time of year for a wedding and a theme unto itself. Not just a season, summer represents warmth, and light, and growth, and abundance. These are the perfect sentiments to back into your wedding and you’re Happily Ever After.



Simple wedding themes provide you with a lot of room to get creative and spontaneous. Choose 8 colors for your pallet. Mix satin, velvet, and lace. Play rock, pop, and country. What ties it all together? Something as simple as sunflowers splashed throughout. This iconic summer flower brings you joy the second you see it and is the ideal symbol for your big day.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use this theme for spring and summer weddings
  • Don’t use this color theme in the winter
  • Do include sunflowers in your arrangements but also use the sunflower color in your decor
  • Don’t forget sunflowers can be tall so large vases work best

Beach Wedding

The beach is a fantastic wedding theme because it merges (as mentioned above) a destination and a season. Put out any vintage wedding decoration ideas that you can imagine, mix any colors you like and – just like the sunflowers – the sun and sand will tie it all together.

Pro Tips:

  • There are three main features that need to be considered when planning a beach wedding: seating, ceremony backdrop and location.
  • Seating should be somewhat shaded or planned for a late afternoon event to avoid hot sun.
  • Even though you have the ocean as the background you should consider a ceremony backdrop to create a focal point.
  • The location is key since some beaches are public so you will want to make sure you select a location that takes into account some privacy.


Nautical Wedding Theme

The nautical wedding theme has been around for a very long time, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The sea has always been a romantic concept offering adventure and new discoveries. These are great sentiments for a wedding.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use navy blue often
  • Do provide sandals for your guests
  • Ancors, shells, and nets are your friend
  • Do serve seafood, but include an alternative


Simple Wedding Themes For Winter


With winter, you can either dive in and embrace it or warm it to its core. Either way, you have yourself a great wedding theme and some fantastic photoshoot theme ideas on your hands. And one thing that this season has that others don’t; more options! Since it’s cold you can bundle right up with cute cardies, fur stoles, or long sleeve anything.

Ice Blue Wedding Theme

Ice blue wedding themes are best served from a ‘winter wonderland’ approach. Combine design cues from Frozen, the northern lights, and (if you are particularly festive) Christmas décor. There is just something pure and cleansing about the season, which pairs wonderfully with weddings.

Pro Tips:

  • Do accent with silver and other metallics
  • Do play with lights and reflective surfaces
  • Use other colors sparingly to avoid visual competition
  • Do plan some outdoor photos


Winter Wonderland

Cover the ground with fake snow, cover the ceilings with mock Northern Lights, and surround yourself with blue-lit nighttime trees for this ultimate cute wedding themes. Your guests will feel like they just stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia once they hit your venue. If you think the photos look nice, you should see it (at your wedding) in real life!

Pro Tips:

  • Do use soft blues, whites and silver for the color theme
  • Do think about a unique venue such as a museum, estate or lodge
  • Don’t let your guests get chilly so offer a warm and cozy fireplace when dining
  • Do think about using silver for bridesmaid dresses
  • Do think about adding winter details like snowflakes and slaybells

Candyland Christmas

This is possibly the most fun wedding theme of all. Dress your hall like you would decorate for Christmas. BUT, exaggerate everything and make it romantic! Pine trees, holly, candy canes, and reds and greens every way your head turns. Oh, and don’t forget a generous helping of mistletoe over the bride and groom’s table!

Pro Tips:

  • Do have a large candy buffet for guests to enjoy
  • Do use the color red and green in your decor
  • Do name your tables after different types of candy
  • Do create signature drinks such as chocolatini, peppermint creme de mint or cotton candy Champagne cocktail


Fresh Wedding Themes For Spring


Greenery, fresh flowers and outdoor ceremony – when it’s spring, it’s better to celebrate at nature. You’ll totally love our spring wedding themes – check them out!

Closer To Nature

Love is a beautiful, natural thing. Those of you who have found your soulmate know exactly what we’re talking about. When you feel this way, it tells you exactly how to pick a wedding theme: nature. Surround yourself with plants, hanging vines from the rafters, and wear flowers in your hair. Princesses have nothing on Mother Nature.

Pro Tips:

  • Let nature be your background – plan your event at a state park, at a mountain lodge, along the lakeside, or on a beach
  • Don’t overdo the decorations as you want the natural surroundings to stand out
  • Make your favors something special like flower seeds, small trees to plant, or a donation to a nature center
  • Using branches, moss and greenery work well for decor


Desert Chic Wedding Theme

Desert chic wedding themes take the symbolism of harshness, brutal honesty, and resilience and juxtapose it with the common emotions associated with marriage. This is unique, unexpected, beautiful, and poetic.

Nothing is more peaceful than having a desert wedding at sunset, all while being centered within nature! Vast and barren landscapes are a treat that many guests have never experienced! The desert supports a variety of aesthetics very well, such as a boho theme, a contrast of black-tie glam, or even a sleek minimalist vibe. Choose your shoes wisely! Hiking boots, ballet flats, or sneakers are the best choices – hidden under your dress, of course! Also, prepare guests by giving them a weather report and expected terrain conditions with your invite. Don’t forget to grab the sunset! Be flexible with your date, but firm with the time slot, when planning your vendor team. Hire group transportation so that no one becomes separate or lost. We love having fun on a party bus!

Pro Tips:

  • Do use cacti in place of traditional flowers
  • Do provide hand-fans and shade for your guests
  • Do be aware of local critters and how to stay safe from them
  • To enter the scene on camelback

Secret Garden Themed Wedding

Imagine stepping into clearing the first few weeks of spring. Out of nowhere, you see table settings, canopies, parasols, and lush plant life arranged just for you. If you have a garden to host all of this, good. If you can secure a private location in the city even better! The juxtaposition of nature against brickwork and cobblestone always makes for a gorgeous photoshoot.

Pro Tips:

  • Do book your wedding at a botanical garden, outdoor venue, or vineyard
  • Do have your florist create large floral pieces that help to play up the garden style
  • Don’t be afraid to work with several colors to create a true garden feeling
  • Don’t overdo it with decor since you want the flowers to stand out the most
  • Do use theme items like a key, a lock, flowers names, and seeds all in your motif


Best Vintage Wedding Themes


Some of the best wedding theme ideas come from eras gone by. Certain periods of time are romantic, exotic, and visually stunning. Or, maybe you just feel like you were born in the wrong decade or like you you’ve been reincarnated and have lived your best life in a particular time period.

Either way, you shouldn’t choose a vintage wedding theme just because it looks pretty. You should choose a vintage theme because you connect with it for your own personal reasons.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is a romantic wedding theme to start our list with. With the unique geography, art, gods, and outfits, Ancient Greece is instantly recognizable and elegant.

Pro Tips:

  • Think of using white and green and gold colors and add in gold decor items like large candle holders, greenery swags and white draping
  • Long flowy dresses in a boho or Grecian style work great
  • Oversized trays of grapes, fruits and cheese will make for an impressive appetizer station
  • Find a venue with columns which will make for the perfect backdrop


The 20s

The Roaring 20s was a special time in North America. The economy was booming, technology was exploding, jazz was born, and the flapper style took the world by storm.

Choose Art Deco designs and colors for your venue, and loose-fitting clothes that just feel fun. For brides who are into DIY, this is one of the more cheap weddings theme ideas since most of your decorations – like vintage tablecloths and table settings – can be found at yard sales.

Pro Tips:

  • Do consider having a large swing style band
  • Don’t forget to decorate with large feathers, florals and metallics.
  • Short dresses with lots of beading and decor are ideal
  • Black suits for the men with hats are great
  • Vintage cars for transportation pull the entire look together

The 50s

The Baby Boomer age can be considered the modern Golden Era. War was over and the American Dream was as strong as ever. Reimagine the glory days with unpadded shoulders, shapely bust lines, tight waists, and billowy skirts. Use bold (but simple) prints or solid colors with simple textures for both fashion and decor.

Pro Tips:

  • Do hire a live band
  • Do use fun and bright colors
  • Do make use of soda floats, high ponytails and black and white color themes
  • Do use polkadots for bridesmaid dresses
  • Do buy a wedding dress that is tea-length


Movie-Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas


Movie wedding themes are so different and everyone can choose whatever they want. By the way, Game of Thrones wedding theme is one of the most popular themes nowadays!

Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is most definitely one of our top wedding themes. Combining one of the most memorable books and films we can imagine and all of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s we mentioned above, this style makes for an event never to be forgotten.

The difference here is that the Great Gatsby represents the upper crust of society which calls for over-the-top vintage jewelry, embellished ball gowns, and almost too much bling for your decorations.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use a gold and black color theme
  • Do pick a venue such as an estate or ballroom
  • Do use sequence bridesmaid gowns
  • Do have a black and white dance floor
  • Don’t forget to have a signature drink
  • Do hire a live band


Game Of Thrones

A Game of Thrones wedding theme offers endless possibilities. Your tables, invitations, and another manner of decor can follow the various “houses” of the realm complete with color scheme and emblems. The bride, groom, and guests all get to choose from a variety of long flowing lace, leathers, furs, and Celtic knot hairstyles. Oh – and you get to get married in a castle!

Pro Tips:

  • Do pick a stunning venue such as a mountain lodge, castle or woodland space
  • Do wear a long white wedding gown with a cape or shawl with it
  • Do have your groom wear all black
  • Do serve a meal that is festive and served family style
  • Don’t assume all guests will know the theme well
  • Don’t let your guests get cold if you plan an outdoor location
  • Don’t forget to have your hair braided
  • Do add animals such as horses and dogs to your wedding

Harry Potter Style

Too many couples in their 20s and 30s, Harry Potter is a deep-seated passion. These fun wedding themes come easy. The tall candles and red napkins define the dining hall where many notable scenes take place. The houses dictate seating arrangements, and there’s plenty of appropriate room for wands and golden snitches. Even non-believers are sure to have the time of their lives!

Pro Tips:

  • Do use long tables for your wedding reception
  • Do select a venue such as a university, library or gothic style hall
  • Do incorporate wands in your wedding bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets
  • Do use books in your centerpieces
  • Do use a dark and moody color theme


Boho Chic Trending Wedding Theme


Maybe fantasy isn’t quite your thing, but you’re still not into the traditional wedding concept. If that sounds about right, a Boho Chic wedding theme may be just what you’re looking for! Free-spirited brides and groom enjoy the best facets of traditional style but pull it off in carefree hippy fashion.

Rustic Theme

A rustic theme – or country – is one of our favorite wedding themes for fall. Planning is a piece of cake with this wedding theme. Vintage decor, choice of music, wedding dress styles, and natural colors all have their place when you decide on the country flare. Couple a gorgeous traditional gown with some cowboy boots, and feel perfectly comfortable draping a denim jacket when the reception kicks into high gear.

Pro Tips:

  • Plan a wedding in a barn or an outdoor rustic setting
  • Make use of burlap, mason jars and birch
  • Use wood slices for centerpiece holders, place cards and favor tags.
  • Cream, gold and brown make for a great color theme
  • Pickup trucks make for a great getaway car


Barn Wedding

You don’t necessarily need a movie or a time period to define your pretty wedding themes when you have a great venue! A wedding in a barn screams good times and family values. If you have any doubt during your wedding planning schedules rest assured, today’s wedding planners and vendors know how to perfectly balance the wholesomeness of country living with the exquisiteness of a royal wedding. You can have the best of both worlds.

Pro Tips:

  • Do make sure you have proper lighting
  • Don’t assume you can have candles inside the venue
  • Do make sure it has heat or air for your proper season
  • Do get creative with seating and consider long tables
  • Don’t forget to make the barn unique to your style

Winery Wedding

What do Napa Valley, Niagara on the Lake, and Southern France have in common? The wine country of course! But they also bring to mind peace and quiet, natural beauty, and easy living. To some, there’s no better metaphor for how the happy couple envisions the rest of their lives, and it’s a great way to start it! Capture the essence of this lifestyle with natural patterns and textures, and light and breezy fabrics.

Pro Tips:

  • Use the location of a winery and play up the wine motif. Use wine bottles as table numbers, corks as place card holders and grapes as part of the decor and theme.
  • Book a venue that is a working winery or vineyard
  • Serve the wine from the vineyard where you are getting married


Colorful Top Wedding Themes


Sometimes all you need to make your wedding theme your own is a unique color scheme. For example, if you’re trying to plan the perfect outdoor wedding in the Spring fill your day with vivid reds, yellows, and wildflowers to match. Dress in satin and lace, and let your skin and smile shine.


Neon is a sure way to make a lasting impression. Imagine your deserts, decor, florals, and outfits all in eye-popping color. Your guests will be amazed and your photo album will be jaw-dropping. For couples wanting that ‘little something extra considers getting all of your guests to dress in white or black, and end the night with a color fight! This will be a night you’ll never forget.

Pro Tips:

  • The neon sign trend came on the wedding scene hot in 2019 and it is a good one. Couples are using neon signs to light up their last name, Mr. & Mrs. Or fun phrases like “ ’till death do us part”
  • Neon does not just have to be a sign but the colors can be perfect for a summer wedding when bright colors are mostly used.



Pastels are the epitome of “classy” when it comes to wedding themes for summer. Flat-powder blues, greens, and seem perfectly at home with outdoor decor and an abundance of florals. Wear the wedding gown of your dreams with a half-up-half-down hairdo and subtle accessories. In our opinion, a pastel looks beautiful while staying politely in the background and let you command the spotlight!

Pro Tips:

  • Do use for a spring wedding
  • Do use a variety of pastels including pink, green, yellow, and blues
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match pastels together
  • To create the perfect pallet with pastel bridesmaid colors and your bridal bouquet


POP is an art style that wowed Western society in the latter part of the 1950s and could be tailor-made for your wedding day. With a distinctive style of glamourizing everyday objects, you can celebrate your big day by celebrating drastic colors, crisp lines, entertaining patterns, and a passion for the simple things in life – like love.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use bold bright colors
  • Do replicate famous works of art for place cards, save the dates, welcome signs and more
  • Don’t forget to use colored lighting in your venue
  • Don’t overdo the amount of colors you are using as it can become a little too chaotic


Bohemian Romantic Wedding Theme


If you’ve come this far and still wondering how to pick a wedding theme, we’d like to ask you a question. What kind of shoes are you planning on wearing? If the answer is “none!’ then the Boho theme is right up your alley. Flower tiaras, long flowing gowns, and barefoot processions are hallmarks of this style, and we love it! Just make sure to supply your guests with hand fans to keep that summer heat at bay.

Macrame Design

Handmade macrame is a keystone of the Boho style, and for good reason. Adorn your entire wedding with heavy-textured backdrops, table runners, and hanging potted plants to create a unified look to your big day.

Pro tips:

  • Do use a macrame style backdrop
  • Do incorporate a boho, vintage feel
  • Do use a white color theme
  • Do consider adding the macrame design to your wedding stationery


Chick Wedding At Nature

Nature and Boho go hand in hand. The best boho weddings feature tons of leaves, vines, petals, and flowers – the best being wildflowers. There really is no such thing as “too much” here. So, go crazy with your bridesmaid’s prints, accessories, and venue decor.

Pro Tips:

  • Stunning outdoor venues with all the glamour and grace are the perfect backdrop for a chic wedding in nature. Towering trees and stunning greenery make for the perfect details to round out the nature look with a chic twits. Adding dramatic candlelight will also help make this look less rustic and more chic.

Woven Décor

Your ceremony and reception decor aren’t limited to macrame. Remember, the Bohemian wedding style is defined by hippy culture and a connection with nature. So dive in and embrace it! Rich textures make a great visual impact for your guests and for your photoshoot. Wrap your centerpieces or create great backdrops with woven designs, and don’t be shy about including some feathers.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use a woven inspired wedding backdrop
  • Do work with a cream, white or neutral color palette
  • Don’t overdo the woven look – add in some other details
  • Do carry the woven look over to your wedding stationery
  • Do add a woven shawl or sweater to your wedding attire


Creative Artsy Themes


Some couples are just creative to the core. They have a love for the arts and an affinity for the creative. Put it to good use by shirking tradition and indulge in your favorite art style. In love with Cubism? Paint your own venue decor and choose a gown with hard lines. Prefer Impressionism, have your photographer turn your wedding album into truly unique pointillism. You really can’t go wrong if you’re passionate.

Art-Deco Wedding

The name – translated from French – comes from the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, and if you’re into elaborate designs this wedding theme is definitely for you. This art form took control of the late 20s and early 30s and may be your wedding day come true.

There are still plenty of decorations, furniture, and designs left over from this era, and plenty more artists breathing new life into the style every day. So there’s no shortage of inspiration and availability for your big day.

Pro Tips:

  • Think about adding shapes especially sunburst shapes to your decor, stationery and details. Gold, black and dark green are the most famous art deco colors so that color scheme works well together. Metallic long bridesmaid dresses are perhaps the best way to go to complete this look.


Modern Art

Modern art consciously rejects the values of the past and enthusiastically plunges into unexplored territory. For couples seeking a break from tradition, there are no better creative wedding themes. The best thing about this theme is that nothing really has to match! Feel free to wear a traditional gown with running shoes, or dip your roses in purple paint. Everything works if you’re having fun.

Pro Tips:

  • Do plan your wedding at a museum or art center
  • Do use bright and bold colors
  • Don’t focus on famous works of art as the only motif
  • Don’t forget to use an art piece as a ceremony backdrop
  • Do create a unique seating arrangement

Sculpture And Fine Art

Couples with an inclination for the finer things in life, but still want a step away from a traditional wedding them will adore the beauty that fine art offers. Decorate your venue with classic paintings and sculptures that you and your bridal party create before the big day. OR, ante up and hire living sculptures to adorn your wedding day space. It’s not a small expense, but it’s your big day and you’re worth it.

Pro Tips:

  • Hosting a wedding with a sculpture and fine art theme is made easy when you select a venue that supports the theme. Choosing a museum, gallery or art center offers decor already in place meaning you don’t have to add much more on your own. One of our favorite ideas is to name each table after a different famous sculpture and have a picture of it as well.


Crazy Themed Weddings


Sometimes geeks are lucky enough to find each other, and their childlike charm is what pulls them together like magnets. Fly your freak flag high and embrace the embarrassing things that make you YOU and inseparable to the one you love.

Star Wars

If you’re that big of a fan you probably don’t need much advice. Hang some glow in the dark lightsabers from the ceiling, walk down to the imperial march, and dance the night away to the Cantina Song. Have your ushers direct your guests to the Dark Side or the Light Side, and have the time of your life. “May the Force be with you”.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use a metallic color theme
  • Do use the phrase “in a galaxy far far away”
  • Don’t be afraid to wear your hair like Princess Leia
  • Do wear a long white flowy gown
  • Do make your wedding cake Stars Wars inspired
  • Don’t forget about the light sabers
  • Do use the phrase “ I love you” “I Know”

Marvel & DC Theme

Some people are REALLY into comic books, maybe a little too much for everyday life. But your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, so don’t hold back! Hero decor comes easy – liking hanging a Captain America shield on the wall – but when it comes to attire it may be difficult to pull off an official “wedding” look. We suggest the bridal party dawns their favorite hero’s emblem under their suit or gown with a big reveal for the photoshoots. Also, make sure to offer up a simple hero/villain mask to your guests.

Pro Tips:

  • Do play up the Red, White & Blue theme from Capt. America
  • Don’t forget to make your centerpieces colorful
  • Do have your groomsmen wear character shirts under their suits
  • Don’t forget to add comic style items to your wedding stationery
  • Do have a wedding cake that is hero worthy
  • Don’t assume all guests will be familiar with this theme so some explanation might be needed


Video Games

Be honest, even if you’re not the biggest gamer in the world this sounds like a ton of fun! Again, you probably don’t need a heap of advice if you’re already settled on these crazy themed weddings but here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Link and Zelda wedding cake toppers.
  • Mario mustache photo booth
  • Minecraft furniture
  • Dance Dance Revolution first dance

Maybe it’s not traditional, but you’ll have the time of your life and start your wedded bliss off on the right foot.

Pro Tips:

  • Do consider using classic video games as a motif
  • Do use video game controllers and names as place cards and table names
  • Do use color such as green, red and blue
  • Don’t forget to have a cake that shares your theme
  • Don’t forget to name your signature drinks after video games

Nerdy Fun Wedding Themes


So video games and movies aren’t your things, but a traditional wedding isn’t quite right and you still want to let your inner child shine through your wedding styles. Be a nerd! Celebrate your passion for incessant learning and worldly culture by displaying it for the world to see on your big day. Here’s how.



The simplest way to describe Kawaii is a love for Japanese Pop culture. Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Pink and blue hair, and babydoll dresses with oversized bows can make their way into your table toppers, desserts, and J-pop playlists. Swap the bridal gown for a babydoll dress with oversized bow, and add a Mask to the groom’s Tuxedo to pull off this look sure to result in a fantastic photo album. Oh, and don’t forget the Japanese photobooth!

Pro Tips:

  • Do think about serving classic Japanese food at your wedding
  • Do have your bridesmaid dress in bright colors
  • Do have a cake that shows off your favorite Kawaii character
  • Don’t assume all your guests will know the theme
  • Don’t forget to add bright colored sneakers to your wedding day attire

School Style

A school was when life was full of potential and the world was your oyster. It was full of friends, socializing, and learning who you really are. Recapture this essence by setting up desks instead of chairs, writing your wedding wishes on a chalkboard, and adorning your venue with pencils and teachers-pet apples. Interrupt the proceedings with a POP-quiz about the couple and decorate the bridal table with notebook-style love letters: TL4E

Pro Tips:

  • Do use a chalkboard, pencil or an apple as a motif
  • Do grade levels as table names
  • Do transport your guests using a school bus
  • Do give out personalized pencils as a wedding favor



Intelligence is right up there with humor when it comes to attraction, and a healthy passion for the literary arts shows this off in stunning fashion. Celebrate your big day with inspiration from literature’s most famous lovers like Romeo & Juliet or Tristan & Isolde. Swap the standard table runner for pages from your fave books.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use books as a wedding centerpiece
  • Do send Library Cards as save the dates
  • Don’t forget to use poetry in your wedding ceremony
  • Do use famous book titles for table names
  • Do select a venue that is a library or bookstore as a wedding venue

Party Cool Wedding Themes


For those couples that believe a wedding should be a true EVENT, this is a huge step in planning a wedding! This is something that your guests will look forward to. As they attend they’ll be hypnotized by all of the sensations, and be taken away with the interactive nature of the evening.
Guests should be well-prepared for an event like this. Make it very clear that they’ll need energy and enthusiasm to truly appreciate what’s in store.

Also, make sure to provide them with suggestions (with examples) for attire and a basic itinerary for the day/night so that they know how to pace themselves.


Rock Concert

Print your tickets, post your lineup, and treat your guests to the coolest wedding they’ve ever seen. Anchor your wedding to a rock concert theme and expect a lot of leather, loud music, dancing, and light show. Step it up a notch with some vintage microphone decorations, a glorious pyrotechnics show, and swap cutting the cake with lighting a guitar on fire. Certainly not traditional, but absolutely spectacular!

Pro Tips:

  • Do hire a live band especially one that plays rock music
  • Do send out save the dates that look like concert tickets
  • Do add guitars and other instruments to your decorations
  • Don’t have a seated dinner
  • Don’t have the music so loud that no one can talk


A folklore-based wedding theme has a few options to mix-and-match from. Draw inspiration from Elvish, Celtic, and Pagan customs or combine a few elements. To make it extra special, draw from your own ancestry if you happen to have Druid or Persian (for example) roots. Decorate a church with images of magic and fantasy or, better yet, hold the entire event in a forest for that extra dazzle. To make it authentic make sure to opt for a formal HandFasting ceremony for your I-DOs.

Pro Tips:

  • Do select a woodland or forest wedding venue
  • Do play up the fantasy of the venue and hand lights, drapes or flags
  • Do add hand painted details, interesting textiles to tables and fantasy inspired centerpieces.


Wedding Festival

We don’t know about you, but we think this is simply one of the best wedding reception styles out there. Proper wedding attire is called for in this lovely outdoor setting. But, instead of oxfords and high heels, rubber boots are in order. No need to worry, today’s rubber boots come in tons of cute colors and prints. The best thing of all? The Bride MUST sport an oversized floral crown which you’ll love putting together during one of your DIY sessions.

Pro Tips:

  • Do have food trucks and different food vendors come
  • Do have interesting dessert stations
  • Do have live music and maybe even a few different bands lined up
  • Do pick an outdoor location
  • Do use tents for food, dining, dancing and more
  • Do use vibrant colors
  • Do invest in fun activities for guests such as photobooths, temporary tattoo stations or even a bouncy house

Location Wedding Styles


In the mood for a destination wedding but just can’t sort out the logistics? Bring the destination to you! Certain cities have a personality of their own, and some of these make for very cool wedding themes. This is your personal choice. If you’re constantly dreaming of Hawaii source some palm trees and coconuts. If you get carried away with Tokyo fill your space with futuristic lights or a zen garden. Up next are some fan favorites.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most recognizable cities in the world and a great way to spend your wedding day. Dressed in black tie, your guests can gamble the night away and listen to a lineup of Rat Pack crooners. Step it up by arranging a burlesque performance and circulate the cigar girls.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use neon and bright colors
  • Do name tables after dinner Las Vegas locations
  • Do incorporate a gamabling theme
  • Do have an Elvis impersonator come

NY City

The Big Apple, and the inspiration for so many of our favorite songs. NYC is the destination for many lavish wedding ceremonies, so why not bring it home? The skyline, yellow cabs, and Statue of Liberty will have no trouble finding their way into your decorations. NYC is also the city of high-fashion, so make sure you and your guests bring your A-Game.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use the I Love NY motif for decorations
  • Do select a classic NY style venue
  • Do have an elegant reception
  • Do have a black and white dance floor
  • Do have a live band
  • Do arrive to your reception in a yellow taxi



Paris: The City of Light, and the City of Love. Home to centuries of culture, history, art, and…pastries! Add the wine, the champagne, the fashion, and you have a wedding theme that no one can resist.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use the Eiffel Tower as your motif
  • Do use Cafe de Paris as part of your wedding decorations
  • Do use a passport as part of the Save The Date
  • Don’t forget Oh La La makes for a great banner
  • Do make Champagne your signature drink
  • Do use a silver and pink wedding color theme

Fairy Tale Cute Wedding Themes


Hands up: Who out there sees their wedding as Happily Ever After? We all did at one time, and those of us lucky enough to hold onto that feeling is in for the night of their life. Take a queue from Cinderella & Snow White and show off your Prince Charming as you strut your stuff in the biggest most beautiful gown anyone has ever seen.


Disney Wedding

Disney films are mostly (if not entirely) responsible for this sentiment that we’ve carried with us since we were kids. You can mix between all of the various scenes we’ve seen throughout our lives, or take your pick of almost a dozen iconic princesses/marriages.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use the castle in your motif
  • Do select a venue at one of the Disney resorts
  • Do consider having a Cinderella theme
  • Do incorporate the Mickey Mouse ears to your decor
  • Do select a gown that represents your favorite Disney Princess


Frozen is one of the more modern (and highly popular!) Disney princesses, and pure joy to pull off. Set the stage with soft blues, sheers, and icicle ornamentation. Serve up cool treats like snow cones, and maintain Happily Ever After ambiance all night long with a frost (dry ice) machine.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use a ice blue, silver and white color theme
  • Do plan your event at a winter venue
  • Do create an icy look to your decorations
  • Don’t let your guests get cold if your venue is outside
  • Don’t forget to wear your hair like your favorite character



If you are looking for a solid excuse to wear a mermaid cut wedding dress, there’s no better reason than a Little Mermaid wedding theme. Call the dress code as “aqua”, hire a tin drum band, and set loose the bubble machine to arrange a delightful wedding theme that will really make you stand out.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use a green and blue color theme
  • Do use under the sea style decorations
  • Do select a mermaid style wedding dress
  • Do have a bouquet made of seashells
  • Do select a beach style venue
  • Do use a mermaid tale or starfish in your motif

Whimsical Modern Wedding Themes


So maybe you don’t want to feature wizards and wants at your wedding, but you do want it to be magical. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Overdo your use of plants and nature. Oversize your flowers and balloons. Over-indulge in your sense of reality, and live life the way you deserve.



Gradient pinks and blues are the calling card of a unicorn theme. Make sure that this is consistent through your event decor and bridal party attire to tie the evening together. Add some unicorn figurines as table toppers, and maybe a horn sticking out from the cupcakes. Most importantly, rent a white horse for the day. Apply a convincing horn and have the best photoshoot of your life.

Pro Tips:

  • If color is your thing you are in luck because the unicorn wedding theme is for you and no one said unicorns have to be for kids. A unicorn can offer a perfect wedding theme for anyone who wants to brighten up their wedding day. Fun colors such as pinks, purples, greens and blues are all perfect colors to make the unicorn wedding theme come to life.

Glitter And Gold

You ever hear someone say “I feel like a Million bucks”? Well, that’s how you should feel on your big day. If you want to do this literally there’s no better way than to surround yourself with glitter and gold. This can be simple and classy with stark whites accented with gold. Or, it can make King Midas jealous with gold draped from ceiling to floor. You decide how much to sparkle.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use gold centerpieces
  • Do add glitter to your candles and vases
  • Don’t overdo the glitter as it can be too much
  • Do use gold and glitter in your wedding stationery
  • Do work the theme into your wedding cake
  • Don’t make everything gold – you need something to play off it like white, silver or cream



Citrus makes a beautiful color scheme. Lemon yellow, tangerine orange, and lime green look at home next to each other, and create a soft look that conjures a smile and sense of wellbeing. Carry this sentiment throughout your ceremony and reception to start your happily ever after off on a peaceful yet vivacious foot.

Pro Tips:

  • Citrus became a super popular wedding theme for any couple looking to add a unique and somewhat tropical touch to their wedding day. The best way to make citrus part of your wedding day is to use lemons or limes in your wedding centerpiece. Citrus can be used both with or without flowers so it can help to cut down on your wedding budget as well. When you think of a citrus wedding you can see it used in wedding motifs, decor and color themes.

Alternative Wedding Themes


Avant-Garde. Counterculture. Fringe. No matter which way you say it, it means intentionally outside of “normal”. If the thought of a traditional wedding makes you cringe, don’t compromise. Gather your group of zombies; summon the spirits of your ancestors, or rock your best steampunk goggles. Whatever you choose, dive in with a whole heart and refuse to be anyone but you. We both know that just because you may not have any desire to star in the next Disney movie doesn’t mean you’re not a princess in your own right.

Rock Glam

Great big hairsprayed hair, way too much makeup, and tight leather pants. Now that we know what the Groom is wearing it’s time to tend to the rest of the affair. Spray Paint the backdrop neon, and bust out the bandanas and leopard print. It’s impossible not to grin from ear to ear when Glam Rock is leading the party.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use a metallic colors
  • Do use rock songs for wedding table names
  • Don’t overdo the makeup on wedding day
  • Do add a leather jacket to your wedding day look
  • Don’t just play rock songs
  • Do use guitars and other instruments as decor items
  • Don’t forget that Pink and Black are a great color combo for this theme



Punk rock is an unmistakable style that fits amazingly well into a wedding theme and photo shoot. The rugged exterior of leather and kilts, mohawks and army boots against the soft sentiment of true love’s kiss is a beautiful thing that will melt anyone’s heart.

Pro Tips:

  • Do have your groomsmen wear cutoff sleeves with their jackets
  • Do encourage pink, green and blue hair
  • Do wear a leather or jean jacket with your wedding look
  • Do wear combat boots
  • Don’t forget to dress your bridesmaids accordingly
  • Don’t forget to select linens that work with your color theme
  • Do select a wedding dress that fits your style


Goth is romantic by nature. It’s a callback to the 14th to 15th Century period when art and architecture shed formality and focused on emotion. Back then “Gothic” was an insult meant to mean unrefined. Today’s goth takes that as a compliment and is most commonly represented by black and dark red fabrics. Take any measure of both definitions and embrace the different.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use black as your major color
  • Don’t feel you have to pick a black wedding dress – you can select white and add black details
  • Do hand candlelight on all the tables
  • Do select a bouquet that is dark red, dark purple or black in color
  • Do consider a dark chocolate wedding cake
  • Don’t assume all guests will dress in black
  • Don’t make the food too different than a normal wedding meal


Organic Theme


For the love of nature, and everything about the planet, an organic themed wedding could be a divine choice. A couple who hold eco-friendliness and saving the planet close to their heart, this would be a very apt theme to go with. A really interesting theme to work with for a wedding, an organic themed event will naturally be filled with greenery as well as energy-saving appliances and biodegradable products. While all of this might not sound like much fun, an organic theme could be really interesting to plan for all types of wedding.


Couples in love with natural elements or even toying with the idea of Indian wedding themes would enjoy some greenery at their wedding. This could be incorporated into an indoor or an outdoor wedding. Botanical details and monofloral arrangements, green and fresh natural elements to create a simple elegance.

Pro Tips:

  • The perfect addition to any wedding is a greenery wedding theme. Greenery can be added to decor, centerpieces, bouquets and backdrops along with stationery, aisle runners and chair decor. When using the greenery theme you can pick your favorite color green and use it throughout your wedding planning process. Green bridesmaid dresses work perfectly with this theme and so does a green high heel for a bride.


Pampas Grass

For a couple having a spring or fall wedding, pampas grass could be great for the décor and overall organic theme. This new trend introduces the long feathery plumes of the pampas grass in all its golden and pink glory to the wedding decorations themes. Both organic and neutral; just a few stalks in a vase used as a center or corner piece, can change your entire set and introduce a lovely and yet calm texture.

Pro Tips:

  • There is something so delicate about Pampas Grass that it makes for the perfect wedding theme. Adding Pampas Grass as your wedding backdrop along with adding it to your wedding centerpieces is an easy way to make this beautiful wedding theme standout. Featherweight delicacy along with a wonderful neutral color theme makes this the perfect theme for a rustic, boho or country wedding.

Woodland Theme

A woodland theme can be both enchanting and beautiful. A truly magical theme for a breathtaking wedding. Couples tending towards a bohemian lifestyle would love the rustic otherworld feel that comes with a woodland theme. Wood slab chairs, towering trees and lush greenery, a cake adorned with nuts, berries, and leaves as well wooden signs are all elements you can expect at a woodland themed wedding.

Pro Tips:

  • Do select an outdoor rustic venue
  • Do hang little white lights to bring a little romance
  • Don’t assume all your guests will be able to make it to a remote location
  • Do use a neutral color theme to lighten up the woods
  • Do use birch, wood, branches and stumps in your decor
  • Do use greenery, moss and rocks as part of your decorations


Glamorous Wedding


Being the bride or the groom at a wedding gives you celebrity status for the day whether you are actually a celebrity or not. Some words to describe glamorously are jaw-dropping and over the top. So if you’re the type of couple who love the red carpet and would like to wow guests, glamorous and classy wedding themes would be the right fit for you.

Metallic Details

Metallic details create just the amount of shine and oomph that a glamorous wedding dictates. Metallics are dazzling, captivating, and depict luxury. What is glamour without luxury? With a glamorous theme, you either go big or go home. So, think metallic detailing when you’re considering centerpieces, colors, tablecloths, general wedding table themes, chandeliers, and even chairs.

Pro Tips:

  • Metallics are perfect for a wedding theme but you have to make sure you don’t overdo it. The best thing to do with a metallic theme is to balance it out with another color that can tone down the metallic look. The best metallics to work with are gold, silver, bronze, rose gold.

Chic Moody Colors

A glamorous wedding theme spells chic and vibrant at the same time. You’re going to want colors which can set the mood; monochromatic colors make a great backdrop for glamour, from hot hues to sultry jewel tones. Intimate mood lighting can be created with candles alongside the centerpieces on the tables, or each table could have a vintage glamour theme of its own.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use for a fall wedding
  • Do think about dark colors such as burgundy, dark purple, browns and greens
  • Do mix in greenery, pinecones and wood pieces to centerpieces


Pearl Decor

For that vintage, glamorous and yet dreamy wedding, you’re going to not want to forget to include pearl décor. This is for the couple with class and style. An ivory white bridal bouquet with pearl detailing, floating pearl centerpieces and pearl pew bows on beautiful white tulle, wedding napkin rings strung with huge pearls and sparkly burgundy balloons. These and many others are the kinds of pearl décor that would adorn a glamorous wedding.

Pro Tips:

  • Works perfectly for a formal event
  • Adding pearl details to invitations, textiles, dresses and veils
  • Use the creamy white color to be your dominate wedding color
  • Wear pearl jewelry and make it a part of your bridesmaids look as well

Geometric Wedding Theme


For a truly contemporary and modern couple who love adore their clean lines and keeping colors separate, wondering, what should my wedding theme be? A geometric themed wedding might just be a perfect choice. There are numerous ways to achieving this clean and perfect finish in your wedding décor and even personal styles. This would include bright colors, the incorporation of geometric shapes into the environment, and edgy monochromatic designs.


Floral Geometric Style

Geometric shaped hanging installations intertwined with flowers produce a simple, yet chic effect. Flowers used for centerpieces and even the bridal bouquet can be layered to produce a distinct shape, and bright or pastel colors should be carefully chosen to fit the theme. The ceremony backdrop should definitely fit the geometric wedding theme in geometric shape or shapes, which can be enhanced with strategically placed or draped flowers.

Pro Tips:

  • A delicate and femine theme that works well at any venue for a spring or summer wedding.
  • Do have geometric floral backdrop
  • Create an invitation that uses a floral motif with a geometric pattern
  • Do create levels on your table with different styles of geometric decor pieces
  • Do have the place cards, wedding menus and programs cut into a geometric shape

Colorful Geometric

When thinking colors for a geometric themed wedding, think contrast. There has to be contrasted to highlight the shapes and give an overall clean look to the decor. Deep purple against a stark white background, gold and brown against off-white, deep green against clear glass or silver, and burgundy against pale pink. Color plays a prominent role in creating that geometric look.

Pro Tips:

  • Perfect for the couple who wants lots of color
  • Bright color themes work best
  • Hanging colored geometric shapes work for a ceremony backdrop, table decorations and chair decor
  • Colors and patterns can be worked into the stationery, reception tables and flowers


Himmeli and Terrarium Decor

Geometric sculptures and decorations are great for table centerpieces, hanging decorations and even backdrops. Himmeli and terrarium can be bought or hand made if you’re thinking cheap wedding theme ideas, and used in a variety of ways. Looking their best when combined with flowers or plants as air plant decor, their geometric shapes make them perfect for a geometric themed wedding. If you’re thinking pretty wedding themes, you’ll do well to consider using himmeli and terrarium in your décor.

Pro Tips:

  • Use a gold color theme
  • Set your table decorations with several different styles and sizes of himmeli orbes
  • Mix flowers and candles into your wedding decorations along with a mix of himmeli orbes and/or terrariums
  • Do mix in moss, wood slices and glass table numbers to your tables

What is a minimalist wedding?
Minimalist weddings channel aesthetic simplicity while honoring what is important and meaningful. In essence, you just need your fiancé, an officiant, and a marriage license to legally tie the knot, without the extra clutter. We like to think of minimalism as releasing the pressure of lavishness, eliminating frills, and choosing only what matters the most to become a part of your special day.
Sara Bartolini wedding planner and coordinator for SposiamoVi
Expert opinion


Wedding Themes With Animals


Wedding themes come in all different styles so it is not surprising that one popular theme is adding some touches with animals. See how you can incorporate fun animal wedding themes with our helpful guide.

Safari Themed Wedding

Inspired by nature and the beautiful animals, a safari theme can be a stunning wedding theme choice.

Pro Tips:

This look works well when you combine an outdoor venue with details such as animal prints, large trees or greenery and camp-inspired details.


Llama Wedding Trend

Who doesn’t love a llama? If you want to bring a unique twist to your wedding you can hop on the llama wedding trend.

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t have a llama you can bring to your wedding? Rental companies are now popping up allowing you to rent a llama for your wedding day as a live decor item.

Pet-Themed Wedding

Include your pets on your wedding day! Don’t forget to put someone incharge of overseeing the pets for the day.

Pro Tips:

  • Do dresses them up with floral collars, cute bandanas or fancy leashes
  • Don’t forget they will need a shady place to hang out if you wedding is outside


Classic Wedding Themes


Classic weddings are a theme that no one can deny, after all they have stood up to the test of time. From classic romance themes to a traditional white wedding you can’t go wrong with a classic wedding theme.

Romance Wedding Theme

Classic romance is a perfect theme for a wedding since all weddings are filled with beauty and romance. If you would like a classic romantic wedding theme consider hosting your event at an outdoor spot such as garden venue, vineyard or classic estate.

Pro Tips:

  • Tall candle light will help to pull off this classic theme while round tables with long tablecloths pull the look together.

Classic Traditional Wedding Theme

Traditional wedding themes will never go out of style. There is a great feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes with doing things the way our ancestors did, and for all the right reasons. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own.

Pro Tips:

  • Do serve a tiered cake
  • Do wear white
  • Do feel free to alter the traditional way of doing things
  • Don’t be scared to introduce some unexpected entertainment


Diamond-Themed Wedding

Traditionally an engagement is started with a diamond ring so why not carry the elegance of a diamond theme throughout the entire wedding?

Pro Tips:

  • When planning a diamond theme wedding you can add sparkle to your wedding by using a silver and white color theme and adding large vases of crystals and topped off with over the top chandeliers.

Travel-Themed Wedding


Many couples love to travel together so why not make a travel theme your wedding theme! A travel theme can fit perfectly for couples who want to host a vintage-inspired or worldly style feel.


Tropical Wedding Theme

If you love the summer and ocean breeze, choose the tropical wedding theme. Transorm your wedding venue into a charming tropical paradise!

Pro Tips:

  • Do use tropical plants such as palm trees
  • Do select a beach style venue
  • Do use vibrant colors
  • Don’t forget about the heat and how you can keep guests cool
  • Don’t be afraid to use local flowers in your bouquet
  • Do use local ingredients for your drinks

Around-the-World Theme

Are you a travel-addict couple? Or you’ve met while vacation and want to celebrate the unity of a two countries? Then this wedding theme is fro you!

Pro Tips:

  • Do use globes in your decor
  • Do add luggage tags for place cards
  • Do use maps for stationery items
  • Do highlight your favorite places
  • Don’t forget to include well-known landmarks in your decor
  • Do incorporate passports in your stationery


Vintage-Inspired Travel Wedding Theme

Vintage luggage pieces, classic destinations and maps are all perfect decor items that make a vintage-inspired travel theme come to life.

Pro Tips:

  • Adding vintage inspired modes of transportation like trains and planes help to really bring this theme to life.

Modern Wedding Themes


Modern weddings come in many shapes and sizes and allow couples to craft a day that is totally different and unique. A modern wedding does not mean the theme has to look and one particular way it just means the couple is planning a wedding that reflects what is currently in style.

Industrial Wedding

An industrial wedding is a great option for couples who like the contemporary style. For modern-themed weddings, this works well with clean lines, a graphic color scheme, and a cool wedding venue.
Pro Tips:

  • Do select a venue such as a loft, old factory or warehouse
  • Do use a color combination such as metallics, moody colors, white or a muted color scheme.
  • Don’t overdo the decor
  • Do use items such as metal containers, wine bottles, galvanized buckets to complete your centerpieces
  • Don’t forget to throw in a little “steampunk” vibe to the look


Preppy Wedding Theme

Bright colors and coastal settings make for a perfect preppy wedding. Consider a yacht club, an island or vineyard for your wedding venue.

Pro Tips:

  • The perfect flower for a preppy wedding, the hydrangea which comes in a wide variety of colors.

Modern Minimalist Wedding

A modern minimalist wedding is perfect for the couple who wants to keep things simple yet beautiful.

Pro Tips:

  • A few key styling tips to pull off this look center around keeping the clutter on tables to a minimum, going with a neutral color theme and streamlined decorations.

The 3 key points that portray a minimalist wedding are as follows:
1. A-list wedding guest list that includes: your parents, siblings, closest friends, and children; wish means the wedding party is at its quintessential minimum;
2. Venues that are not overly adorned, featuring clean background and neutral/bare styling;
3. Contemporary design that you can elevate with a chic metallic touch. Think less is more when it comes to the decor, choose styles with seamless lines, solid colors, also neutral or muted motifs.

Sara Bartolini, wedding planner and coordinator for SposiamoVi

Article Conclusion:

Now that you’ve seen a few traditional wedding themes and plenty of nontraditional examples, we’re hoping that you have a solid understanding of what kind of bride you are, and what best represents your Happily Ever After. If you’re still not 100% certain take a few days and revisit this post or move on to tons of our other ideas. We’re always here to help.